History of A.C. Schultes

In 1921, A.C. Schultes Sr. saw signs of a new era of industrial and municipal growth. Consequently, he reasoned there would be an ongoing need for an abundance of good, clean water to support such growth. That same year, he founded the water well drilling company which bears his name. Since then, four generations of the Schultes family have continued to succeed in the challenging field of water technology. Today our success is a testament to the vision and ambition of our founder.

A.C. Schultes provides a full range of water and wastewater service to municipal, private, commercial and industrial accounts, as well as to engineering firms, other contractors and local, state and federal agencies. Since 1921, A.C. Schultes has serviced a wide client base.

Our Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Our values form the foundation of our business. We combine more than 100 years of industry experience and knowledge, and our employees pride themselves on our commitment to honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. Our vision, mission and statement of purpose guide us in our interactions with both our customers and partners.


South Florida is provided with all its water, well and pump construction needs, thus delivering clean water, utilities and resources essential for strong communities.


To provide quality, efficiency and professional service to all our customers and partners in their water and wastewater construction needs.


To create superior, long-term water, well and pump solutions for South Florida municipalities, rural communities and industries.

A.C. Schultes of Florida

With offices in Gibsonton and Miami, A.C. Schultes of Florida is one of the Southeast’s premier water, well, pump and rehabilitation contractors. Our flagship office in Woodbury, New Jersey, dates back to the turn of the century. For clients, that means decades of expertise, experience and relationship-building that we bring to each job site.

At A.C. Schultes (ACS) we take pride in our ability to overcome adversity. One of the main reasons we do it so well is our experience and our workforce. We operate with a safe, efficient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic work force that will stand out and above the competition.

We must adapt to maintain and attract the type of people we want working at A.C. Schultes. Our solution: A family business with a family atmosphere. We believe in not only helping our employees at work, but it’s assisting them in areas outside of the workplace that helps us maintain their loyalty and dedication to ACS and their profession.



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